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Product No:1607-828
Last update:2010.09.25
   Product details

Motor Specification:

Dimension: ¢41X70(mm)

Shaft: ¢5X18.0(mm)

Weight: 340g


Product Parameters:



1.The front and bottom covers have been screwed up, anti-vibration, anti- impact,strengthening the motor.

2.Being made of 2-pole cylindrical rotor, forceful magnet steel, the motor has higher   rotation speed and torque.

3.Stator full-pitch-winding increasing the slot fill factor and stability of motor   efficiency.

4.NMB imported bearings to make sure the drive system work well.. 

5.Bigger torque, Quiet, High efficiency (>88%).

6.CNC Machined Aluminum Heatsink Can, high accuracy.

7.Product pass :  CE    FC   ROHS Certifications.