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KT Edge540
Product No:153411-705
Last update:2009.03.27
   Product details
Weight: 100g
Weight(battery included) : 310g
Wing Area: 17d㎡
Wing Loading: 18.3g/ d㎡

As you know, EDGE540 and CAP232 these two models, their superior performance and controlled flight become the best choice of many 3D masters, like DIY Friends of the model will respond to imitate. Single-from the plane -- loaded parameters and configuration appear that the two aircraft had KT3D classic, while the aircraft also uses a 4mm Lingbiao board, which not only enhances the strength of the aircraft but also reduces the weight of the aircraft. All pre - inkjet color map suits can proof water, and protect the whole capacity of Annex configuration. If we carry on the high quality of EMAX Series Electrical accessories (the Electrical accessories generic high, the majority of flight mix 500g in weight, wingspan of the 800-1000mm within the model airplanes), so aircraft flying skills will beembodied most vividly. It is really a very cost-effective model product. Such models like these will give you a great surprise!